06 December 2011

The Educational Trip to Parliament and Putrajaya

“Exciting!” is the only single word uttered by Hairi Shazwan to describe The Educational Trip to Parliament and Putrajaya which is held on 24th November 2011. “This is my first step on the parliament ground although I am Malaysian myself. Thanks to Mahallah Uthman Representative Committee for this opportunity.”

The one day trip has successfully gathered a total of 38 participants from the residents of Mahallah Uthman, Mahallah Asma’ and Mahallah Asiah. Abdul Hadi, the Program Manager said that this trip is organized to expose the students on Malaysia Legal System, to educate the foreign students on Malaysia History and Legal Institutions and to celebrate and promote the culture of exploration and learning outside the campus with the real situations and conditions.

video of Educational Trip To Parliament & Putrajaya

Throughout the trip, the participants are led by Bro Mustapha Ramdzuan to enter the Dewan Negara and Dewan Rakyat. They get the chance to see a live parliament debate session on the issue of peace assembly bill, involvement of students in political party and so on.

After that, the trip continues to Putrajaya to visit Sri Perdana complex. Unfortunately they are not allowed to enter the complex due to the visiting schedule which is only open from 9 am to 3 pm only. However, the disappointment faded after the reach the last destination; The Palace of Justice. We were entertained by the guide person to see how the Court of Appeal judges conducting the proceedings. 

Ahmad Syafiq, one of the participant described that this is a very interesting experience when you get to see what you have learned in class to be in real life. 

Later, the participants were brought to the Federal Court Library. The library contains a huge collection of law reports, text books, loose act and other documents regarding judiciary system from many sources. After that we were guided to visit the Museum.

“I really enjoyed the tour in the Museum because we did learn a lot of things that British inherit to our judiciary system. Furthermore, the guard said that we are enjoying the tour in very special way which is not experienced by other visitor. Just, let keep things silent in my memory,” said Mohamad Khazairul in a very delighted and giggly way.

The trip ended at 7 pm.


alhamdillah....semoga program2 lepas ni akan lebih berjaya..=)

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