29 October 2011


salam alayk' and greetings

I have been given the authority over you, and I am not the best of you. If I do well, help me; and if I do wrong, set me right. Sincere regard for truth is loyalty and disregard for truth is treachery. The weak amongst you shall be strong with me until I have secured his rights, if God wills; and the strong amongst you shall be weak with me until I have wrested from him the rights of others, if God wills. Obey me so long as I obey God and His Messenger. But if I disobey God and His Messenger, ye owe me no obedience. Arise for your prayer, God have mercy upon you.  -Saidina Abu Bakr-

As the new semester commenced, we have appointed new lineup of Mahallah Uthman Representative Committees for the 2011/2012 session. Therefore, we are hoping that these newly-appointed committees will be able to fulfill their responsibility enthusiastically with the guide of former representatives and also others MRC.  

In order to see the future, we must first look into the past and analyze the issues. The last tenure had successfully organized a total of 19 programs altogether throughout the year. As for that, the new lineups have outlined a series of programs which will be announced later.

Our objectives are to ensure the students' welfare and development treated at best as our commitment and amana are bound with our responsibilities and duties to Uthmanians. We hope that all of our planning will benefit the students' interest and will gain the big support from the students as the sources of our inspirational social capital to achieve the mission and vision of IIUM.

To our representative: 

We are not called to be popular,
we are not called to be safe,
we are not called to follow,
we are the ones called to take risks,
we are the ones called to change attitudes;
to risk displeasures,
we are the ones called to gamble our lives,
for a better world.

- Leadership, Mary Lou Anderson, April 1970 -


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