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05 March 2012

Down To Earth 2012

Alhamdulillah ‘Down To Earth’ program has successfully conducted for this tenure. It is an annual program conducted by Bureau of Welfare & Residential Affairs Mahallah Uthman Representative Committee (MURC) lead by Bro. Syazwan Muhsin Negara as the head of the bureau. With the theme “We Serve our Residents the Best”, this programme was held on 27th February 2012. We started at 8.00 PM right after Maghrib congregational prayer. All MRC was involved and some of the Block Representative Committee (BRC) too. All committees were divided into group for each block not included post graduate block (PG).

Basically, the objective of this program is to introduce the new (MRC) line-up2011/2012, get a feedback on the services and facilities provided by mahallah as well as activities conducted by MRC. On the other hand, we also promote Inter-Mahallah Culture Week 2012 (IMCW) for those who interested to represent the mahallah. “I’m good in guitar but I need someone to sing” says Bro. Addlan Nabil. In collaboration with Bureau of Da’wah & Tarbiyyah MURC, we also collecting fund for the musolla where MURC intended to renew the carpet, buy new praying matt and some other stuff for the musolla. Alhamdulillah the collection reached almost RM 650 according to the report by financial controller of MURC. One of the residents, Bro. Auzaie Shamsul Maarif says “I think MURC should conduct more internal activities for the residents”, “I hope that our café can add other types of besides Malaysian food such as western or middle east cuisine to make it variety” says Bro. Asyraf Fauzi.  

We hope that this program will strengthen the relationship between MURC and the entire residents of Mahallah Uthman and thank you for the cooperation given. MURC will do the best as they can to help and assist as well as improved facilities provided around mahallah Insha’Allah.


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